Skincare Myths

The mineraw skincare myths

Skincare can be a very hard process that requires trial & error methods, understanding your skin needs and concerns. You need to be at it every day if you want to sport flawless and clear skin. Many individuals would approach the clinical or drug store products recommended by dermatologists or our favourite celebrity. Thus, sometimes you will hear a lot of dos and don’ts about skincare from family, friends and the internet. While some may be true and proven, others may do damage to your face. Let's discuss some skincare myths and decode if they are a myth or in fact a hack!

The Mineraw Skincare Myths

Toothpaste for acne

We cannot deny that we have all attempted or thought of trying this hack. If only it was as simple as using toothpaste to get rid of acne on our skin.  Using toothpaste on a pimple can cause bleeding, busting, irritation and burning sensations. It could also cause an imbalance to your skin pH level given it has alkaline properties. We suggest individuals try over-the- counter medications specially dedicated for acne. 

Washing your face frequently 

Many of us believe washing our face regularly in the day could solve all our skin concerns. This is definitely  a myth as in skincare we believe in practising moderately be it any skin care product. Overwashing your face in a day could cause dry skin and remove essential oil from our skin barrier. This would make our skin prone to more skin issues like irritation and inflammation.

Popping your pimples 

Under any circumstance, popping your pimples is a BIG NO in skin care. No it would not make it better if you were to pop it in the early or later stages as they would leave a scar or discolouration on your skin. Popping your pimples is a direct harm to your skin and is not advised for individuals.

Natural ingredients for your skin 

It is true natural ingredients are good for your skin as chemicals only give us instant results but could be damaging to our skin in the long run. We do believe if individuals choose natural skin care products you cannot go wrong. However, we do believe every skin is different and has its own preferences thus we urge individuals to read the ingredients before applying it to their face as some people could be allergic to some ingredients.

We do hope individuals take the time and invest well in their skincare products for a healthy and long running relationship for clear skin. We will be back with more skin care myths to discuss if its a hack or myth.

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