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The most natural recovery for your skin and body is sleep. It is understood that the skin will rebalance hydration during the sleep that supports the skin barrier and minimizes signs of aging. Overnight sleep masks are super-hydrating skin creams formulated with potent nutrients that hydrate, refresh, revitalize, soften, and smooth your skin. These masks absorb into your skin all night long so that when you wake up, your skin is super soft and renewed. You might see these masks going by other names too, such as “sleeping packs” or “sleeping masks” which are considered a no brainer skin care routine given everyone has to sleep so why not pamper your skin as well?

Overnight masks basically have two prime functions. Firstly, the mask acts as a shield by blocking out the dirt, debris and germs that may enter your pores throughout the night. Moving on, it seals in nutrients from the mask that work alongside your naturally increasing cell turnover rate – a process that needs to run optimally for radiant skin. Here are some benefits of using an overnight mask:

Longer working period 

A regular face mask requires an individual to have it on for 5-10 mins on their face. Nevertheless, we can witness the immense boost of nutrients to skin. Imagine an overnight mask for your face! It is given a longer period of time to work and repair your skin barrier whilst the ingredients can slowly soak into your skin at its own pace.

Promotes cell regeneration 

Overnight masks promote efficiency of an integral process of the skin when it's repairing itself at night. It helps with the cell turnover rate increase and replaces dead skin cells with younger cells. This process is super important to slow down the appearance of aging. 

Locks in moisture

Overnight masks helps battle with TEWL(Transepidermal water loss). As mentioned in our previous blog, it is the water that leaves the skin and evaporates from its surface which happens the fastest at night. An overnight mask helps much-needed moisture stay in the skin, helping limit dryness. These masks typically contain humectants (such as hyaluronic acid) that draw water in from the environment and replenish moisture levels in your skin.

All in all, we do believe overnight masks could help restore hydration and protect your skin barrier all while you are asleep. However, we do believe in practising modesty even in your skin care routine in which we recommend individuals to use this mask twice or thrice a week to avoid overdoing it. Don't forget to grab our very own overnight mask for you to try :


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