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The Mineraw - Body Acne

Does skincare only stop till your face? The answer is no, as your skin is the largest of the human body thus body acne kinda falls under your skincare routine. “Body acne” is a term used to describe breakouts that occur usually near the shoulders, back, and chest which are the areas most commonly known for our sebaceous glands.

There are many reasons for this breakout to happen to our body so it may not be very alarming to some individuals. Body acne could be a result of hormonal changes, stress, exercising and friction. The latter two may be new to hear as its not very commonly spoken of. When we don’t shower immediately after exercising and stay long in our workout gear, we are trapping all that sweat in our body pores causing the break out very similar to the face. This is also an action on friction in which an individual that sits too long on the chair may result in acne mechanica - breakouts around the bum. 

Here are few ways to tackle your body acne concerns:

The Mineraw- Body Acne

Shower after Exercise 

Sweat and tight clothes can both contribute to body acne thus leaving that sweaty sports bra on after your workout ends definitely contributes to body breakouts. The same goes for swimming as you’ll want to rinse off after swimming, regardless of whether it’s in a pool or in the open sea. It is advisable for individuals to give a 5 minute break after your workout and shower with cold water.

Use Gentle Body Gel 

Things to avoid include oil-based shower gels which can promote excess oil production. You should also beware of  comedogenic hair care products as they are clogging prone especially panthenol which may result in your back acne.

Exfoliate Regularly 

Exfoliating helps remove dead cells from your skin’s surface, which may help to prevent clogged pores. However, we again remind individuals to practice your skin care modestly as exfoliating can be beneficial for those prone to body acne. However, over-exfoliating can irritate your skin and more likely make you break out.

Don’t Pick Your Body Acne

Try to avoid touching that pimple on your body at all cost as that can make the breakout worse and could lead to acne scars. In general, the oils and bacteria from your fingers can penetrate the already-damaged skin around the breakout and make it worse. We recommend individuals to always wash your hands before touching your skin to not make the breakout worse. 


We do hope individuals are more aware of their overall hygiene and daily consumption so you can listen more to what your skin needs. We also advise you to consult a dermatologist if your body acne isn't subsiding just to be safe.

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