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The common under link between your exes and face oils is that they both eventually promote a glow up be it in your life or for your skin. If you are someone with oily skin, don’t worry this blog is still relevant for you and here’s why:

By choosing the right oil for your skin type, individuals can attain a natural glow from within with the help of face oils. We are way past the stereotypes in which oil was seen as dirt that has to be eliminated from the skin surface at any cost. Instead, lightweight oils like rosehip, are almost traceless once blended in and feature anti-inflammatory properties—making them an excellent choice for pimple-prone and oily skin. 

Individuals have to understand that Face Oils and Moisturizers are not the same as moisturisers are usually water-based, which focuses on hydrating the skin whereas face oils are obviously oil-based works to improve skin barrier and condition the skin. For a glowing skin it is very essential to have both as they work in complementary ways to hydrate the skin and retain moisture. Ideally, the face oil is used last in your skin care routine as it helps seal the precious serums and moisturiser applied to the skin. The lack of face oil may cause water-based products to evaporate easily from your skin surface affecting its effectiveness to work on your skin.

Benefits of Face Oil

  • super soothing and luxurious on the skin, 
  • serves as a protective barrier for all the products that come before it, sealing in your moisturizers, serums and vitamins
  • preventing outside bacteria and dirt from entering your pores.
The Mineraw - Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil

Great News!

The Mineraw’s Glow Serum Oil is our bestselling product amidst the public and we know why. This natural oil is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, not to mention free from unwanted additives that could harm your skin. The best part is ingredients used are suitable for all skin types and concerns as its main ingredient is rosehip oil. Don’t forget to grab our miracle worker with us today!


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