Types of Acne

Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Acne is a skin condition caused by clogged pores in your skin due to hair, sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. These clogged pores often result in different types of acne such as blackheads, whiteheads, and more. It is very common to experience this common skin condition especially for people from the ages 11 to 30 that could be caused from hormonal changes, dietary intake, hygiene issues, or stress. 

It is vital for individuals to understand what is healthy for their skin and the indications they show when a new acne is formed. Individuals should be able to distinguish between the types of acne as not every acne formed is considered a break out and some should get checked by a dermatologist.

Here are the few types of acne that you should know :

Non-Inflammatory Acne


Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Blackheads are comedones (clogged hair follicles due to oil and dirt) that are open at the surface of the skin. The black spot is due to the irregular reflection of light coming from clogged hair follicles. Blackheads can frequently be treated with over-the-counter medications.


Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Whiteheads occur when excess oil and dead skin cells prevent a clogged hair follicle from opening.This acne is considered a closed comedones as the excess oil and dirt have prevented the hair follicle from growing.It is slightly difficult to treat this acne compared to blackheads given its closed nature.

Inflammatory Acne


Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Papules are comedones that become inflamed causing the walls surrounding your pores to break, forming small red or pink bumps on the skin. This type of pimple may be sensitive to the touch as it may leave a scar if individuals try to pick on it. A large number of papules may indicate moderate to severe acne.


Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Pustules are also formed when the walls around your pores break down. However, pustules are filled with pus. These bumps are often formed with a whitehead surrounded with a red or pink ring. Picking can cause scars or dark spots to develop on the skin.


Types of Acne - The Mineraw

Nodules are large, inflamed bumps that feel firm to the touch as the inflammation is deep rooted into the skin which causes it to be very painful. Nodules should be treated by a dermatologist since they can scar. Over-the-counter treatments may not be powerful enough to clear them up, but prescription drugs can be effective 


Types of Acne - The MIneraw

Cysts can develop when pores are clogged by a combination of bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells. The clogs occur deep within the skin and are further below the surface than nodules.

These large red or white bumps are often painful to the touch. Cysts are the largest form of acne, and their formation usually results from a severe infection. This type of acne is also the most likely to scar.

We highly encourage individuals to take the time and really look at their skin. Although touching or picking your skin is a BIG NO in every case, some acne may lead to more dire consequences such as leaving a scar. We also urge you to get your acne treated immediately without causing further inflammation or infection to the skin.

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