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The MIneraw- Toner

Figured out your cleanser but don’t know how to start your skincare routine? Fret not, as we are here to talk about the basic product after cleansing your face. A toner is water like liquid that delivers skin with a quick hit of hydration and helps remove some dead cells off the surface of the skin resulting in plumpy , glowy skin. A toner also acts like a primer for the rest of your skincare routine like serums and moisturizer due to its quick penetrating properties. 

A good toner is either acid-based, to exfoliate and resurface, or hydrating, to lock in moisture.  It can contain ingredients such as acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.  Whether your skin is sensitive and looking for soothing benefits, acne-prone and needing excess oil removal, or dry and thirsting for moisture, the right toner can target concerns and treat accordingly

Exfoliating Toners 

Exfoliating toners are products infused with chemical exfoliants such as AHA and BHA acids, which help to shed the dead skin cells clogging your pores. They also help evening your skin tone by  minimizing dark spots and improving overall skin texture. These formulas often include soothing and hydrating ingredients to balance out the exfoliation which also helps balance pH levels of the skin microenvironment.

Exfoliating toners are more suitable for those concerned about:

  • Aging skin 
  • Acne prone skin 
  • Sensitive skin 
  • Individuals suffering rosacea 

Here are some examples of Exfoliating toners:

The Mineraw - toner

Hydrating Toners

By picking the right formulation, toners can even help keep dry or sensitive skin. By preparing  the skin to soak up the active ingredients from the upcoming products in the skin care routine such as moisturizer, serums and face oil by restoring the skin’s pH level and improving its penetration level. Individuals with dry skin should avoid ingredients with drying properties like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxides, AHAs and BHAs in their toner in order to increase the skin’s ability to absorb the moisturizing properties.  

Hydrating toners are more suitable for those concerned about:

  • Dry skin 
  • Oily skin 
  • Dull skin 

Here are some examples of Hydrating toners:

The Mineraw -Toner

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