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Sheet masks are the last minute heroes we turn to in case of an occasion, party or just to have a relaxing day. Who wouldn’t like that soothing piece of sheet on your face as you relax and pamper your skin.

A sheet mask is a serum-soaked cloth sheet that has holes for your face. Sheet masks do make you feel great instantaneously as it is packed with wonders in a sheet that only requires 20 minutes of your time. Sheet masks are aimed to provide an instant boost of hydration for your skin but they do not help with complicated skin issues like breakouts, hyperpigmentations etc.

Are sheet masks practical in our daily lives now?

In the era of modernization in which everyone is conscious of the environment, you must have paused once to think about what happens to a sheet mask when trashed. Although they work wonders for the skin, they aren’t that kind to the environment. To begin with, one sheet mask pack is a lot of waste given the packaging and the mask itself would all go to the bin as soon as the 20 mins is up. Most of them are not recyclable or reusable. 

Thus you can see many environmentally friendly brands making the effort to provide the same benefits while reducing waste. Ideally, you could be considering was-off masks that you will find a far wider range of skin benefits.. While sheet masks tend to focus on hydration, wash-off formulas can do everything from exfoliation, anti-aging, prevent acne breakouts, and more!

A gentle reminder to all those individuals trying out wash-off masks from drugstores, additional fragrances should not be a factor when purchasing a face mask as it would include  irritating fragrances and physical exfoliants like microbeads and ground shells or fruit pits which are not necessary for your skin care products . There are a few hidden gems that can be bought at your local drug store but make sure you’re taking a close look at the ingredients! Don't forget to check out our personal best selling face mask packed with vegan, cruelty free and clean wonders in a tub :


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