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The Mineraw - scooping your products

Nothing is more exciting than unboxing your new skin care products and enjoying its texture. "If you are touching your finger to a container of a skin-care product and then recapping it, there is a good chance of bacterial transfer over time," says Solana Beach, California-based, board-certified dermatologist Melanie Palm. " It is against the skincare rule to touch your face with your bare hands which could harm your skin in many ways according to our previous blog. 

Hence, introducing your face cream by using your fingers can transform your cream into a bacteria transferring medium that could lead to serious concerns like skin infections.

Notice how most skin care brands include tiny metal spatulas or mask brush along with their main products? Trust us when we say it definitely benefits you as a consumer more than the business itself as these accessories prove to maintain your skin care products authenticity longer. By using a tiny metal spatula to scoop your expensive skin care, not only do you protect your skin barrier but you could also prevent bacteria from contaminating your products. The presence of bacteria in a product can change its pH (how acid or alkaline) thus compromising the quality of some products as they will only work at a specific pH.

Skin accessories especially help those with skin concerns like eczema as it became apparent that they were constantly reinfecting themselves given their emollient creams used to come in big, old-fashioned, screw-top jars. Thus, the need to maintain hygiene while using your skin care products became a priority to maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Hence, if you find that every time you get rid of one outbreak of spots, the combination of grubby fingers and your moisturizer could be to blame.

Luckily, you can easily get your skin accessories with us and instantly improve your skin care regime:


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