Love Your Skin

It's the The Mineraw's Birthday Month! An entire month to prioritize our relationship with our skin.

Oftentimes, we forget our skin is the largest organ that acts as a mirror reflecting our inner self. The foundation to an effective skin care routine does not start from a wide range of expensive products or a one-size-fits all routine that is similar to the models and influencers out there, if only it was that simple :)

Instead, it takes one to listen and observe the reactions and indicators your body is hinting through your skin. Breakouts, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and inflammation are signs of us neglecting essential nutrients and minerals needed for our body. 

THEMINERAE Skincare oil and body lotion for all smooth and fresh body

In conjunction with our birthday month, let’s have a quick wake up call with small yet significant daily routines you should have been doing in the morning.

  • Waking up with a bare face is always a win, never sleep with makeup on no matter how tiring the night has been.
  • A good cleanser and moisturiser is essential as much as SPF, because walking into the sun without UV protection is harmful and a big skin care red flag.
  • Restraint from popping that new pimple
  • Avoid using your hands to scoop your products, instead invest in skin tools like mask brush, wood spoon and metal spatula. 

Just remember finding an effective skin care routine is not to eliminate imperfections nor chasing IG filters like skin.  It’s about loving and being comfortable with your skin while embracing your flaws.  The end goal for today is to religiously follow a skin care routine suitable for yourself until it becomes an integral part of your daily life. 

Here’s a few products to kick start mission :  

THEMINERAE Skincare oil and body lotion for all smooth and fresh body


Don't forget to grab your skin tools :




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