Dehydrated vs Dry Skin 

Woman with dehydrated skin

The road to channeling your inner skin enthusiast is to learn the difference between dehydrated and dry skin first. (They are not the same!) Dehydrated skin can happen to anyone regardless of their skin type be it oily skin, combination skin or dry skin. It is the literal definition of your skin lacking water. Dehydrated skin often makes an individual’s face look dull and symptoms of ageing. How to figure out if you have dehydrated skin? Look out for signs as stated below:

  • darker under-eye circles, or tired eye appearance
  • itchiness
  • skin dullness
  • more sensitive fine lines and wrinkles

On the contrary, dry skin is associated with the oil producing glands across the face and the amount of sebum produced that isn’t enough, leaving the skin dry and flaky. This causes the skin barrier to fail in retaining moisture and fight against aggressors. Dry skin is a skin type which can be easily identified with a tight and flaky appearance.

  • scaly appearance
  • white flakes
  • redness or irritation
  • increased incidence of psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis



  • Caused by external factors such as weather
  • Caused by internal factors such as oil glands 
  • Occurs to all skin types 
  • Is a skin type 
  • Short term remedy in order to store hydration back to the face
  • Long term skin care routine as we are addressing skin type concerns 

 Combatting dry and dehydrated skin is necessary and requires ingredients to help retain moisture and hydrate your skin. Here are a few recommended products for you to try :


moisturizer, lotion, gel mask

moisturizer, glow serum
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