We Tried 6 Affordable Malaysian-Made Skincare Brands. Here's What We Thought

written by Tamara Jayne -

Skincare made by Malaysians for Malaysian skin.

I'm gonna be honest. I get overwhelmed when looking at skincare products and usually end up walking away with nothing because it's either: too expensive or doesn't work.

More often than not, reviews on great products are done by non-Asians living in non-Asian weather.

So instead, we decided to search for natural ingredient products made for Malaysian skin just to see if they really work.

After testing out several items, here's what my colleagues and I thought of these six Malaysian-made skincare ranges:

3. The Mineraw

Image from Instagram @themineraw
Image via Instagram @themineraw
Image from Instagram @themineraw
Image via Instagram @themineraw

After hearing a lot of good things about Mineraw, I decided to finally try it out for myself. And I must say, I get the hype.

The Honey Glow scrub left my skin feeling clean and moisturised without being too harsh.

The Toner is made from apple cider vinegar and was easy to apply - be warned that the smell does take some getting used to.

Image from SAYS
Image via SAYS
Meanwhile, the Glow Serum has already been added to my staples. I wear make-up and tend to be quite oily by the end of the day. Surprisingly, when I used this before applying foundation, it lasted even till midnight - with no oiliness on my skin yet looked and felt moisturised (despite being in air-conditioning all day).

The products are sold at several places in Klang Valley. You can check them out here.



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