4 homegrown Malaysian beauty brands that you need to try right now

written by Joyce Fan - September 8, 2020

The Malaysian beauty scene is thriving and here we highlight more local beauty brands for your skin's indulgence.

The local beauty scene of late is absolutely thriving as fervent Malaysian entrepreneurs step up with home-grown delights that offer quality yet affordable alternative solutions to their international counterparts. From Root Remedies to Claire Organics, local beauty labels are stars that shine as bright as international labels.

So the next time you need to stock up on skincare essentials, why not add the products of these four Malaysian labels into your cart instead? 

Scroll down to see our four latest homegrown beauty obsession now:

The Mineraw natural skincare and beauty products

A name that is a combination of the words ‘minerals’ and ‘raw’, this Kuala Lumpur-based skincare brand (@theminerawis the brainchild of Jidienne Ibañez. Determined to debunk the need of an elaborate skincare regimen, Ibañez promotes one that’s drastically scaled back and touches on only the bare necessities.

Positive reactions from friends and family about the founder’s own transformed and glowing complexion courtesy of her four crafted potions—Glow Serum, Toner, Purify and Honey Glow—gave her the assurance she needed to bring The Mineraw into action.

The Mineraw natural skincare and beauty products

The brand has you covered for a simplified yet complete routine, offering all things vegan and cruelty-free ranging from cleansers to scrubs and sunblocks which are all manufactured in small batches with sustainability in mind. This means using consciously sourced raw ingredients complemented by recyclable packaging.

What to get?

Glow Serum Face Oil. An oil-based serum that penetrates deep into the skin to retain moisture, reduce inflammation and impart a dewy glow without the greasy residue.




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