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This natural hair pomade provides a flexible hold, perfect for everyday styling. Unlike hairspray or gel, it is a versatile sculpting balm that is long lasting, and ideal for all hair types and lengths. Sculpt and style your hair, moustache, beard and even those sideburns has never been easier.

➤ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  This product will soon be rotated out of The Mineraw range. So stock up whilst there's still availability.

➤ How to Use
Warm up a pea size amount in fingers or palm of hands. Apply to hair and style as desired.

Tip: Use a utensil to scoop out the desired amount product into a clean dish or apply to the top of your hand then apply to the skin.

➤ Ingredients
• Raw Shea Butter: promotes hair growth, nourishes and moisturizes hair
• Candelilla Wax: provides a strong hold, rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the scalp and hair while creating an instant barrier to prevent moisture loss in the scalp and hair
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil: nourishes and moisturizes hair, treats dandruff

➤ Caution & Care
• Due to the nature of using 100% natural ingredients, the color or texture can occasionally vary. If texture changes (melted runny liquid texture or small ball like texture) simply place jar in hot water until melted, keep cap closed to avoid water condensation from entering the product, then place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Nett Weight: 60g | Shelf Life: 1 year from opening 

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