For Him Set

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➤ What it includes
A natural deodorant blend that controls odor and minimizes moisture all day long - without the use of harsh chemicals! Safe for men and women, and all skin types. Give your body a few weeks to adjust to your new deodorant. It takes time to expel the chemicals from a commercial deodorant. Reapplication may be required throughout the day while transitioning.

This natural hair pomade provides a flexible hold, perfect for everyday styling. Unlike hairspray or gel, it is a versatile sculpting balm that is long lasting, and ideal for all hair types and lengths. Sculpt and style your hair, moustache, beard and even those sideburns has never been easier.

Beard Oil
Hydrating and healing to the skin, helps soften, moisturises and tame dry, damaged or frizzy beard hair. This product is versatile! Men, Women & Unicorns. You can even use it on your hair, scalp, face, body.

Sunscreen: Face