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A natural deodorant blend that controls odor and minimizes moisture all day long - without the use of harsh chemicals! Safe for men and women, and all skin types. Give your body a few weeks to adjust to your new deodorant. It takes time to expel the chemicals from a commercial deodorant. Reapplication may be required throughout the day while transitioning.

Read more here on why to switch to a natural deodorant. Our amazing blend soothes and conditions your underarm skin, helping to reduce itchiness and dryness as well as any red bumps from shaving. 

You may notice additional sweating the first few days of use. Think of this as your body detoxifying and ridding itself of all of the harmful chemicals and additives it was receiving.

Baking Soda, Essential Oil and Chemical-Free

➤ How to Use
Warm a pea-size amount in fingertips and apply to clean underarms. Higher exertion and heat may require additional deodorant applications. 

➤ Ingredients
• Raw Shea Butter: anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin, high in vitamins A & E
• Arrowroot Powder: absorbs moisture, draws out toxins
• Candelilla Wax: anti-inflammatory
• Virgin Coconut Oil: hydrates and conditions skin, anti-bacterial

➤ Caution & Care
• Due to the nature of using 100% natural ingredients, the colour or texture can occasionally vary. If texture changes (melted runny liquid texture or small ball like texture) simply place jar in hot water until melted, keep cap closed to avoid water condensation from entering the product, then place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Nett Weight: 60g | Shelf Life: 1 year from opening 

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