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Bronze Goddess: Body Oil

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A blend of two moisturising oils, natural mineral shimmers and a safe SPF ingredient that is not harmful to you or the ocean. All aimed to protect the skin against sun damage while moisturising and providing that even sun-kissed glow you've been wanting! This tanning & body oil is also suitable for special events when you need a little body highlight. Completely safe for everyday use to moisturise the skin instead of using body lotions or body butter.

➤ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  This product has been renamed to Bronze Babe to abide rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health (MOH) / Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

➤ How to Use
Shake well before use. Apply desired amount onto palm of hands, spread onto face and body. Reapply if needed.

➤ Ingredients
• Virgin Coconut Oil: helps your skin tan faster and evenly whilst keeping it moisturized, which might mean less burning or peeling.
• Grape Seed Oil: rich in vitamin C, D and E, helps reduce wrinkles and scars, tightens and cleanses the skin
• Rose Geranium Oil: treats skin problems, skin rejuvenating and revitalizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation
• Mica Powder: provides the ability to create a natural shimmery finish
• Zinc Oxide: provides a broader-spectrum sun protection that prevents burns compared to Titanium Dioxide

➤ Caution & Care

Zinc Oxide vs Titanium Oxide
• Titanium Dioxide’s UV absorption spectrum is not as broad spectrum in UVA and UVB as is Zinc Oxide; Zinc Oxide is a better absorber across more wavelengths which results in better, safer protection for you and your family.
• Titanium Dioxide creates more free radicals that do oxidative damage to your body and skin cells, and increases aging processes.
• Zinc Oxide is the ONLY sunscreen active ingredient that’s been tested and FDA approved for use on babies under 6 months of age and children – this illustrates its high degree of safety.
• Titanium Dioxide contains titanium, which is just another toxic heavy metal in our bodies; Zinc is a critical mineral nutrient that keeps us healthy. 

Nett Weight: 100ml | Shelf Life: 1 year from opening

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