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Having suffered from adult acne myself, I know what its like to test a range of lotions on your skin that are available in your supermarkets, drugstores and beauty counters. Feeling ashamed when one approaches those beauty counters with women having flawless skin and wishing deep down one’s own skin would look so beautiful and poreless. When I then decided to ignore all the marketing fluff and actually studied the ingredients list on products, I then realised that in most high-street brands, only a few high-performing, truly botanical ingredients are being used. I turned to oils having read about it several times that oil attracts oil and acne most of the time is due to free radicals and/or excess of sebum on our skin. In Ayurveda, oil is being used for 1000s of years now taking over Europe in a storm. So it cannot be all a myth and made up by a huge corporation like Santa Claus with his red coat was invented by Coca Cola. 

Face Oils

Some oils are actually very similar to our sebum on our skin such as Jojoba Oil rich in essential fatty acids that not only is required in our daily diet but also to keep our skin looking healthy. An ingredient that you will find in our Glow Serum Face Oil.

Despite the fact that face oils have now been endorsed by everyone from dermatologists to aestheticians, and celebrities, many consumers are still scared of the idea of putting oil on their face, even though oils are the perfect skin care regime for your skin to provide the right vitamins it needs.

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Face Oil vs Face Moisturiser

If we look at face oils vs creams from a scientifically perspective, the fats in creams and lotions form a layer on the skin which sit on top of the skin instead of going deep into the skin layers. It almost acts like a barrier preventing external stressors to irritate the skin. In addition, it also lays a protective layer of it, to provide ongoing hydration throughout the day as well as prevention of water loss or protect from pollution.

It is important to understand the ingredients so neither oils nor creams are too rich for the skin to handle, clog up the pores leading to various skin care issues. However, conventional creams can contain a lot of other ingredients to make it a smooth, fluffy, whipped and still consistent texture reducing further the quantity of the beneficial botanical ingredients one can add to make it a nutrient- rich product for the skin.

Having said all this, creams certainly have a role to play in the everyday skincare routine.

When looking at natural face oils which penetrate beyond the surface of the skin, to the lipid barrier, where the skin gets generated and actually forms what we see on the surface, the vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids in oils go to work instantly and keep working over time.

What Face Oils to use

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best, natural face oils. Whether you create home remedies or find your favourite company offering face oils, look carefully at the list of skin care oils that are used while bearing in mind the following:

  • A key factor to look at is the method of extraction, cold-pressed, steam distilled or CO2-extracted oils.
  • If you suffer from blemish, acne prone skin, have combination or oily areas, then stick to non-comedogenic oils.
  • Skin care oils should be selected according to their therapeutic properties  based on your skin needs; is it dry, oily or normal.
  • Be aware which oils you can and cannot use during pregnancy and also the level of essential oils. It is recommended to steer away from some essential oils during pregnancy and consult your doctor.
  • Face oils can have aromatherapeutic benefits such as essential oils, like citrus oils or earthy ones to support a body, mind and beauty balance.

Face Oil or Moisturiser first?

When it comes to which product to use first, apply the simple rule using the thinnest, most fluid consistencies first followed by thicker consistency. Face Oils are ideal to seal in actives and hydration that one has previously applied via a serum or moisturiser.

There is a purpose for both of these products. So it isn’t either or, it is when and what your skin needs.

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