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Completely Melt Makeup Without Ruining Your Skin (The Best Replacement For Makeup Wipes)

If you're still using those makeup wipes to take off makeup.

Please stop.

Compared to makeup wipes, oil cleansing doesn't intentionally scratch the surface of your skin no matter how 'gentle' you are using it.

Although makeup wipes are marketed as a cleansing method or an alternative to cleansing, it doesn't really cleanse your pores from makeup residue. 

It's not able to enter your tiny pores and wipe it clean.

Oil cleansing does a more impressive job than wipes.

Keep on scrolling to find out:

  • How makeup wipes ruin your skin.
  • How oil cleansing is way better.
  • The best oils for each skin type.

    How Wipes Destroy Your Skin

    It can be drying and irritating

    A lot of makeup wipes contain alcohol to break down makeup which can be drying for the skin. This isn't ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.

    There are products claiming to not have alcohol in it but it can still irritate the skin with its preservatives.

    To make sure makeup wipes stay wet and don't cause bacterial growth, a lot of preservatives are needed.

    The fancy name for preservatives is parabens which can be seen on product labels that claim to be paraben-free.

    Nothing good can be heard about parabens for the skin, one of the worst ones being a potential cause of skin cancer. Yikes!

    It over exfoliates the skin

    You don't just gently place makeup wipes onto your skin and it'll lift off all the makeup.

    You use rubbing motions that involve pressure. This can lead to micro-tears that aren't visible to the human eye.

    Doing this on a daily basis will damage your skin barrier(the outermost skin layer) which holds moisture and prevents damaging elements.

    Your skin can be left vulnerable enough to adapt to skin concerns like:

    • Inflammation(redness)
    • Hyperpigmentation(dark skin patches)
    • Aging(wrinkles)

      It ruins the environment too! 

      Let's hold ourselves responsible for the waste we've created just for the sake of 'cleaning' our skin while the environment gets dirtier.

      You're doing a huge favor just by not buying any more makeup wipes.

      What if I just want to remove those small smudges of makeup?

      You can use reusable cotton pads that are only a one time purchase and last way longer than packs of makeup wipes.

      Be sure to clean them after each use. It may sound time-consuming but it's a small price to pay to preserve the environment.

      On the brighter side, you'll save money from buying dozens of makeup wipes at the same time you're reducing the impact of damaging the environment. It's a win-win!

      Our Reusable Cotton Rounds are always available to you in our recyclable packaging!

      How Does Oil Cleansing Do Better?

      Empties out your pores from junk

      Despite having the word oil there, it will not clog your pores. Instead, it lifts out the nasties hiding in your pores that makeup wipes will never reach.

      This is because oil can attract other oils.

      It allows the oil cleanser to clean clogged pores from:

      • Excess oil(sebum)
      • Blackheads
      • Whiteheads
      • Dead skin cells
      • Pollutants
      • Makeup residue - even waterproof ones *our testimonial

      All of these can cause acne problems if it's left to stay in your pores.

      Oil cleansers have even provenly shown to protect the good bacteria living on your skin that fights against infections including acne!

      Nourishes your skin

      Oil cleansers can actually help balance the skin and lock in moisture that our skin will always need.

      They are high in linoleic acid(omega-6 fatty acid)or oleic acid(omega-9 fatty acid) which are omega fatty acids.

      A few of the benefits of omega fatty acids are:

      • produces the skin's natural oil barrier
      • keeps the skin hydrated
      • reduce inflammation and sensitivity
      • minimize signs of aging
      • reduces sun damage

      There's even research proving how oil strengthens the skin barrier for adults and children.

      This is obviously WAY better than using wipes!

      The Best Oils For Your Skin Type

      Your skin already has linoleic and oleic acid but it may have more of one than the other.

      OILY SKIN types have more oleic acid.

      DRY SKIN types have more linoleic acid.

      You'll need to find oil cleansers with omega fatty acids you lack. This means OILY skin types should use oil cleansers high in linoleic acid. While DRY skin types should use oil cleansers high in oleic acid.

      Oils for OILY SKIN:

      • Safflower oil
      • Sunflower oil
      • Hemp seed oil
      • Evening primrose oil
      • Sea buckthorn oil
      • Grapeseed oil
      • Rosehip oil
      • Black cumin seed oil

      Oils for DRY SKIN:

      • Avocado oil
      • Olive oil
      • Sweet almond oil
      • Marula oil
      • Argan oil
      • Sesame seed oil
      • Apricot oil

      In the skincare industry, there are oil cleansers that contain surfactants that emulsify with water to a milky-like water texture. This helps to know that the oil molecules have bonded to the surfactants when you're taking off the oil on your skin.

      With oil cleansers without surfactants, be sure to remove the oil with a soft washcloth or a reusable cotton round(like the one we have).

      To conclude, if all the above still doesn't convince you to switch over to oil cleansers.

      You're missing out.

      There's a big list of oils for you to try and see what your skin loves.

      But do remember to always perform a patch test. Introducing new products to your skin takes time up to a few weeks.

      You can follow up your oil cleansing with a gentle cleanser to make sure you remove that extra grime on your skin. You can check out our Refresh Face Cleanser here.

      Plus, our Make Remover Cleansing Oil has an oil combination of linoleic and oleic acid that gives our product LONGER shelf life and it can work for ALL skin types!

      Have you tried our oil cleanser? Share your experience in the comment section!

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